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Browse Category: Soft Corals
Category: Soft Corals
Frags Posted: 45
  Frag Details Genus User Location Date
Kenya Tree Coral
Good size Kenya tree coral frag up for trades
OtherKalesReefTomball, Texas07-31-16
Green Star Polyps
Green Star Polyps are small typically light tan to yellowish-green to a bright fluorescent green polyps connected togeth...
AlcyoniumCoralQueenWestminster, California06-27-16
Kenya tree coral
I have a few nice size healthy frags of this great soft coral for beginners. It is very hardy and has a nice pink color.
NephtheaSKIPMODE16Venice, Florida02-02-13
Pulsing Xenia
Nice, healthy red sea pulsing xenia frags on plugs or LR rubble.
XeniaChicagoreefChicago, Illinois10-24-12
Yellow Leather Coral
Yellow leather corals, very healthy. Sarcophyton Elegans
SarcophytonKentiaEscondido, California06-20-11
Pom Pom Xenia
Pom Pom Xenia, multiple "hands" per head, very healthy.
XeniaKentiaEscondido, California06-20-11
Kenya Tree Coral
Kenya Tree Coral (Capnella sp.). Easy to grow, doesn't require a lot of light, only needs low-medium water flow. Only f...
OtherKentiaEscondido, California06-20-11
Rare Palau Nepthea
Nepthea, a good size for trade,, make a offer
Alcyoniummax2000hereft lauderdale, Florida06-04-11
Tyree Green Polyp Leather
This is a truly stunning leather coral. This is a toadstool leather that is tan with long fluorescent green polyps. This...
SarcophytonfishnreefWashington, District of Columbia04-07-11
kenya tree
The Kenya Tree Coral relies less on the symbiotic algae within it, and depends more on obtaining outside food. Microplan...
Nephtheaclownfish14newbury Park, California09-18-10
Kenya tree coral
This coral is great for beginners and experts alike! It grows fast and even reproduces, so get one now!
Capnelladonfishy76South of Houston, Texas10-16-06
Keyna Tree
Keyna Tree about 1 1/2" Tall. WYSIWYG
AlcyoniumlimineyInverness, Florida07-08-10
Bright Green Star Colny
WYSIWYG Here is a link to a better photo.

PachyclavularialimineyInverness, Florida07-08-10
Green Star Polyp
Green Star Polyp (Clavularia sp.) " Fluorescent, Thick Grass/Lavender Mat" (2" Frag) $35.

ClavulariaEdExoticsDeltona, Florida03-22-10
Fluorescent Green Leather
Fluorescent Green Leather (Sarcophyton sp.) (1" Frag) $50.-$75. (SC)

SarcophytonEdExoticsDeltona, Florida03-22-10
Xenia & Pulsing Xenia
1" plug
Cream Deep Water Xenia
White Pulsing Xenia

XeniaEdExoticsDeltona, Florida03-22-10
Kenya Tree
1" frag plug Kenya Tree

NephtheaEdExoticsDeltona, Florida03-22-10
Green Star Polyp
1" frag plug, big bright green polyps

ClavulariaEdExoticsDeltona, Florida03-22-10
This is for a nice sized pulsing Xenia frag already attached to a small live rock.
Xeniadonfishy76South of Houston, Texas10-18-06
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes
Diet: Strong Light - Medium Flow
Origin: Aquacultured
AlcyoniumearlkrutzTupelo, Mississippi01-11-10
Green Star Polyps
Here is your general green star polyps, they grow out on a purple mat and are iridescent green in color when out.
Pachyclavulariadonfishy76South of Houston, Texas10-18-06
Neon Green Sinularia
Grows like a tree with many branches and looks incredible!
Sinulariadonfishy76South of Houston, Texas01-02-10
Sarcophytonporalightatlanta, Georgia10-31-09
Pulsating Xenia Coral
Pulsating xenia coral containing one stalk
XeniafelixcExcelsior, Minnesota07-01-09
Green and purple star polyp mix
Contains a mix of both green star polyps and purple star polyps.
PachyclavulariafelixcExcelsior, Minnesota07-01-09
Pulsing Pom Pom Xenia
Lavender/Whitish purple pom pom xenia.

Frags are 1.5"x1.5"

2 Available

1st attached to small piece of live rock...
XeniaolemanwinterCamden, South Carolina05-18-09
Green-Polyped leather coral
This is the cream of the crop right here! The pic does no justice, these corals are HOT HOT HOT.
Sarcophytondonfishy76South of Houston, Texas05-13-09
Star Polyps
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Lighting: Moderate to High
Waterflow: Medium to Strong
Placement: Mid...
PachyclavulariathereefshackTampa, Florida12-08-08
Kenya Tree
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Semi-aggressive
Lighting: Moderate to High
Waterflow: Medium to Strong
Water C...
CapnellathereefshackTampa, Florida12-08-08
Monster Green Toadstool
Metalic Green skin long polyp toadstool.
Sarcophytonblue32S. Amherst, Ohio12-03-08
Super NEON GREEN finger leather
Super NEON GREEN finger leather a must have coral
Sinulariablue32S. Amherst, Ohio12-03-08
Baby Blue Clove Polyp
These are some awesome Baby Blue Cloves I picked up from Randy O @ A Reef Creation. They love light, grow well and look...
Otherreefeasybuffalo, New York11-28-08
Nephtheapoorboy504oak forest, Illinois10-12-08
Pulsing Xenia
small frags of pulsing xenia for 5 and frags with 2 or more branches for 10 (LONDON)
Xeniabraziluk2London, United kingdom10-03-08
Neon Green Star Polyps
These are the most vivid green star polyps I have ever seen. EXTREME Green!!!
PachyclavulariaREEFMASTERScott Depot, West Virginia10-01-08
I have been fragging toadstools for yrs, I have fragged it over a thousand times. I can do it right and at a low price
Sarcophytonrustysreeflouisville, Kentucky06-25-08
SnowFlake blue anthelias polyps
these are hard to come by.. each frag is $15
OtherReefBanditzSylmar, California03-07-08
Neon Green Sarcophyton
This is a LE neon green sarcophyton. I have about 6 available and are all about dime size as of this posting.
Sarcophytonreefkeeperoracle, Arizona02-20-08
This is true cispitularia from the East African coast, not the common blue xenia brought in from Indo/Bali. The photo wa...
Xeniareefkeeperoracle, Arizona02-20-08
Xenia Umbellata
Pink, pulsing xenia. 1" - 2" in size. They come attached to a small rock. Usually 1-2 stalks per rock.
XeniaFishmanMurrieta, California01-27-08
Electric green long star polyps
Amazing greenest of green long tentacle star polyp.
Otherreefeasybuffalo, New York08-31-07
Pink Glove Xenia
The Anthelia Thick Stem Coral may also be referred to as a Glove Coral or Pom-Pom Coral. They are usually white, tan, pi...
XeniaAaquacultureLeesburg, FL, Florida05-11-07
green star polyps
bright green star polyps
Otherteen18mastic beach, New York09-14-06
starburst polyps
these are a cool color i have a few pieces,most are a mettalic green color, price for a frag size of atleast 1"
Alcyoniumchadscamarost. louis, Missouri03-05-05
xenia elongata
AlcyoniumDEEPSIXMECoral Springs, Florida12-28-04
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