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View All Frags By: REEFMASTER
Location: Scott Depot, West Virginia USA
Frags Posted: 8
User Rating:
  Frag Details Category Genus Date Price
Tyree Idaho Grape Montipora
Original Tyree Idaho Grape Montipora.
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyMontipora12-23-08$20.00
Tyree Sunset Montipora
Original Tyree Sunset Montipora, acquired this coral from ATL.
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyMontipora12-23-08$40.00
PPE Original Purple People Eaters
This is an original Purple people eater Palythoa.
Radioactive Green Candycanes
Very bright green candycane coral. Also called kryptonite green candycane coral.
LPS - Large Polyped StoneyCaulastrea10-01-08$7.00
Chaeto is used to reduce nitrates and phosphates. It is an excellent algae. It does not go sexual like caulerpa.
Macro AlgaeChaetomorpha10-01-08$15.00
Neon Green Star Polyps
These are the most vivid green star polyps I have ever seen. EXTREME Green!!!
Soft CoralsPachyclavularia10-01-08$10.00
ORA Cali Tort
Original ORA Cali tort.
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyAcropora10-01-08$25.00
Greg Hiller Orange Cap
Frag of a bright orange monti cap I received from Greg Hiller.
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyMontipora10-01-08$15.00
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