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Browse Category: LPS - Large Polyped Stoney
Category: LPS - Large Polyped Stoney
Frags Posted: 77
  Frag Details Genus User Location Date
hammer coral and frogspawn coral for sale.
EuphylliaevamarieSan JOse, California03-11-17
Aussie Lobo
Orange Lobo With Neon Green Center
Lobophylliakicknwingpembroke pines, Florida05-03-12
Aussie Toxic Green FrogSpawn
Ultra Rare Toxic Green Frogspawn
Euphylliakicknwingpembroke pines, Florida05-03-12
Aussie Blue Tip Elegance
Green with Blue tip Aussie elegance
Otherkicknwingpembroke pines, Florida05-03-12
grade A acans
Acanthastreafrags2richspocatello, Idaho04-28-12
ultra grade A Acans
WYSIWYG have so many different kinds of color variations happy endings is my ultra A+125 perhead
Acanthastreafrags2richspocatello, Idaho04-28-12
Aussie Blue Tip FrogSpawn
Blue Tip FrogSpawn from Australia. Very Hard to Find
Euphylliakicknwingpembroke pines, Florida04-28-12
Pink Hammer
Aussie Pink Hammer. These are getting Super hard to find
Euphylliakicknwingpembroke pines, Florida04-28-12
Acan Echinata
Rainbow Acan Echinata
AcanthastreaalowmanBoca Raton, Florida02-06-12
Huge Open Brain (Neon Green)
Huge Open Brain (Neon Green)
OtheralowmanBoca Raton, Florida02-05-12
Neon green/maroon favites closed-brain coal frags. 3-6 polyps per frag.
FavitesalowmanBoca Raton, Florida02-05-12
Yellow Scroll Coral
Yellow Scroll Coral, aquacultured
Otherjonthn21erie, Pennsylvania01-01-12
Red Chalice
Reddish chalice, aquacultured
Otherjonthn21erie, Pennsylvania01-01-12
Dragon Favia
green favia, aquacultured
Faviajonthn21erie, Pennsylvania01-01-12
Green Favia
Green Favia, aquacultured
Faviajonthn21erie, Pennsylvania01-01-12
Purple Favites
Purple with yellow, aquacultured
Favitesjonthn21erie, Pennsylvania01-01-12
Neon Green Favia
Neon Green Favia & Alien Eye Green Favia Frags
Both have Radioactive Colors.
I Have Some Pieces for $10 & Big ones for...
FaviacwcoralsSunrise, Florida12-25-11
purple hammer coral
Easy LPS coral great coloration, not often found, slow grower, but can easily be kept under any lighting scheme
Euphylliadonfishy76South of Houston, Texas10-22-11
CandyCane Frags
Beautiful Candy Cane Frags. Small ones (4-8 heads) $10, Large ones (8+ heads) $15. Beautiful teal coloration. Super heal...
CaulastreaalowmanBoca Raton, Florida09-02-11
Yellow Fiji Leather
Yellow Fiji Leather Available for frag upon request. I can currently frag 4 pieces.

The picture that is shown is the ...
OtherDyzio545Bronx, New York05-25-11
Green Hammer
This hammer coral has light green tips.
EuphylliafishnreefWashington, District of Columbia04-07-11
Blue Hammer
The blue hammer is a branching large polyp stony coral with blue tipped polyp. This hammer is less common than the green...
EuphylliafishnreefWashington, District of Columbia04-07-11
Metallic Green Goniopora Flowerpot
2+'' Pieces with polyps that extend to 3+''
OtherRancheroLeesville, Louisiana11-09-10
orange crush acan
green oral disk with orange body
Acanthastreaporalightatlanta, Georgia02-18-10
Strwberry Chalice
This Chalice will make a great collection to any marine aquarium!! Will thrive in low to moderate lighting.
OtherRoyalReefLake Worth, Florida05-18-10
Tyree War Coral
This piece contains green mouths with red rims !!
FavitesRoyalReefLake Worth, Florida05-18-10
Purple People Eater Favia
This frag conataing purple mouths with green rims !!! Great addition to any aquarium and preffers lower to moderate ligh...
FaviaRoyalReefLake Worth, Florida05-17-10
Big Baller Chalice
This frag is blue with lime green eyes !!!!
AcanthastreaRoyalReefLake Worth, Florida05-16-10
Green & Pink Hammerhead Coral
Hammerhead Coral (Euphyllia Ancora) "Green Pink" (1-2 Head Frags) $45.-$75. (LPS)

EuphylliaEdExoticsDeltona, Florida03-22-10
Pink & Purple Frogspawn
Frogspawn (Euphyllia Divisia) "Pink/Purple" (1 Big Head Frag) $85. (LPS)

EuphylliaEdExoticsDeltona, Florida03-22-10
Green & Purple Tip Frogspawn
Frogspawn (Euphyllia Divisia) "Green Purple Tip" (Big 2 Head Frag) $75. (LPS)

EuphylliaEdExoticsDeltona, Florida03-22-10
Green / Yellow Tip Torch
Green / Yellow Tip Torch (Euphyllia sp.) (1-2 Head Frag) $45.-$75.

EuphylliaEdExoticsDeltona, Florida03-22-10
green candycane
green candycane
Caulastreaporalightatlanta, Georgia10-31-09
hammer coral
pink and green hammer coral
Euphylliaporalightatlanta, Georgia10-31-09
blue candycane
blueish pink candycane coral
Caulastreaporalightatlanta, Georgia10-31-09
hammer hear 4 trade 12$
these were part of a 30+ colony grew too big for my tank i have many branches with 2 /3/4 heads ,looking to trade w loca...
OtherTropicoolsunMiami, Florida09-13-09
Pink eyed favia
round eyes with seperate walls
Faviacpage3Lancaster, New York08-15-09
Kupang red watermelon chalice
watermelon type coloration
Acanthastreacpage3Lancaster, New York08-15-09
Tropical color change favia
eyes change colors from carrot orange to lemon yellow depending on lighting
Faviacpage3Lancaster, New York08-15-09
flamethrower Acan echinata
bright bright color
Acanthastreacpage3Lancaster, New York08-15-09
Cotton Candy Favia
sold per eye, I have 2 to 3 eye frags available
Faviacpage3Lancaster, New York08-15-09
AcanthastreacuznjonBuffalo, New York04-01-09
AcanthastreacuznjonBuffalo, New York04-01-09
AcanthastreacuznjonBuffalo, New York04-01-09
AcanthastreacuznjonBuffalo, New York04-01-09
Mint Pink eye favia
large polyped favia with neon pink eyes and minty green.
FaviacuznjonBuffalo, New York03-31-09
Pink Dreams Aussie Lord
Way too amazing to describe just look at the picture!!!!!!
Acanthastreareefeasybuffalo, New York11-28-08
Original Orange Crush Acanthastrea
This is the original orange crush acanthastrea i picked up from A reef Creation with the sweet teal marbleing!! This aca...
Acanthastreareefeasybuffalo, New York11-28-08
Amazing Orange Lobo
This is an Ultra orange and green lobophyllia from Australia that has been in my collection for about a year. It is doi...
Lobophylliareefeasybuffalo, New York11-12-08
Stunning Australia Blastomussa Wellsi
Stunning Australia Blastomussa Wellsi
BlastomussatbaquaticsFlemington, New Jersey11-06-08
Rare Australian Lithophyllon edwardsi
OthertbaquaticsFlemington, New Jersey11-06-08
Red and blue
OtherCoralguyBelle Chasse, Louisiana10-26-08
Green Hammerhead
Small frag of Green Hammermead.
(It needs to be quarantined before placing it in your aquarium)
Otherbraziluk2London, United kingdom10-03-08
Radioactive Green Candycanes
Very bright green candycane coral. Also called kryptonite green candycane coral.
CaulastreaREEFMASTERScott Depot, West Virginia10-01-08
Frog Spawn
Green tentacles with white tips
EuphylliaGrantmanChesapeake, Virginia09-27-08
Aussie Reds Acan
these have big heads. the one in pic is $35, has many babies growing in the bottom where u cant see in the pic. I have 4...
AcanthastreaReefBanditzSylmar, California06-16-08
Orange Dendro
1 Polyp of Orange Dendro
Otherfragexpressqueens, New York05-27-08
Green eyed Micros
2 frags have 9+ poylps $35 each, 3 frags have 20+ polyps $50 each. these grow super fast. I
OtherReefBanditzSylmar, California03-07-08
Vampee Aussie Acan
each frag for sale in pic. each frag has 5 to 7 big polyps with many babies. grows fast!
AcanthastreaReefBanditzSylmar, California03-07-08
Aussie Green aqua Acan
hard to find this color acan. each frag in pic for sale, $35 each. growing babies fast, love to eat.
AcanthastreaReefBanditzSylmar, California03-07-08
Aussie Snowdusted Green Acans
these are hard to find.. white speckled. pictures dont do justice!! depending on how many poylps, $45- 55. I have more a...
AcanthastreaReefBanditzSylmar, California03-07-08
aussie Minted Mouf Acans
these also growing babies. I have 5 frags of these for $30 each.
AcanthastreaReefBanditzSylmar, California03-07-08
Pastel Acan
these come from a colony that I had for over 2 years. suprisingly eats fast and grows pretty fast. each frag is $25.
AcanthastreaReefBanditzSylmar, California03-07-08
green with pink tips
Euphylliajjc0987Benicia, California02-01-08
Frogspawn Fluorescent Green/Pink
The frogspawn in my tank is getting a little large so I'm breaking off some branches to sell.
Euphylliajpletcher76Mankato, Minnesota10-23-07
Purple and Alien Green Favities
Purple surrounding alien green centers.
Favitesreefeasybuffalo, New York08-31-07
Ancient Inca Lord
Golden bars surround blood red polyps
Acanthastreareefeasybuffalo, New York08-31-07
Minty Fresh Favia
Mint over ooze green fleshy fat hungry polyps.
Faviareefeasybuffalo, New York08-31-07
Agent Orange Echinata
Orange rings on green and purple speckled backdrop with purple centers
Acanthastreareefeasybuffalo, New York08-31-07
Christmas Favia
This one is the classic XMas Favia one of my all time favorites!
Faviareefeasybuffalo, New York08-31-07
Red on Red Favia
Deep red surrounding bright red centers. This is a great coral it grows fast and has the best shades of red!!
Faviareefeasybuffalo, New York08-31-07
Emerald orange echinata
Emerald splashed over neon orange backdrop
Acanthastreareefeasybuffalo, New York08-28-07
Green Frogspawn
Thanks for checking out this item! This is a beautiful Green Frogspawn Coral (Euphyllia paradivisa). It is larger than...
Euphylliatna946Eustis, Florida08-05-07
Rare Acanthastrea echinata
Colonies are massive and cerioid, with laterally compressed corallites of uneven height. Walls are acute: septa are thic...
AcanthastreacyberreefSan Francisco, California03-22-07
Duncanopsammia Axifuga
very rare deep water specimen. From Australia.
Tubastreacolorfulcoroakland, California03-15-07
Rare Color Acan Loard
Please email us if you are interested in the whole colony. service@cyber-reef.com
AcanthastreacyberreefSan Francisco, California02-01-07
Super green polyps with pink and yellow borders.
OthercritminLos Angeles, California05-16-06
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