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Browse Genus: Euphyllia
Genus: Euphyllia
Frags Posted: 16
  Frag Details User Location Date Price
hammer coral and frogspawn coral for sale.
evamarieSan JOse, California03-11-17$60.00
Aussie Toxic Green FrogSpawn
Ultra Rare Toxic Green Frogspawn
kicknwingpembroke pines, Florida05-03-12$110.00
Aussie Blue Tip FrogSpawn
Blue Tip FrogSpawn from Australia. Very Hard to Find
kicknwingpembroke pines, Florida04-28-12$90.00
Pink Hammer
Aussie Pink Hammer. These are getting Super hard to find
kicknwingpembroke pines, Florida04-28-12$90.00
purple hammer coral
Easy LPS coral great coloration, not often found, slow grower, but can easily be kept under any lighting scheme
donfishy76South of Houston, Texas10-22-11$50.00
Green Hammer
This hammer coral has light green tips.
fishnreefWashington, District of Columbia04-07-11$24.99
Blue Hammer
The blue hammer is a branching large polyp stony coral with blue tipped polyp. This hammer is less common than the green...
fishnreefWashington, District of Columbia04-07-11$34.99
Green & Pink Hammerhead Coral
Hammerhead Coral (Euphyllia Ancora) "Green Pink" (1-2 Head Frags) $45.-$75. (LPS)

EdExoticsDeltona, Florida03-22-10$0.00
Pink & Purple Frogspawn
Frogspawn (Euphyllia Divisia) "Pink/Purple" (1 Big Head Frag) $85. (LPS)

EdExoticsDeltona, Florida03-22-10$0.00
Green & Purple Tip Frogspawn
Frogspawn (Euphyllia Divisia) "Green Purple Tip" (Big 2 Head Frag) $75. (LPS)

EdExoticsDeltona, Florida03-22-10$0.00
Green / Yellow Tip Torch
Green / Yellow Tip Torch (Euphyllia sp.) (1-2 Head Frag) $45.-$75.

EdExoticsDeltona, Florida03-22-10$0.00
hammer coral
pink and green hammer coral
poralightatlanta, Georgia10-31-09$12.00
Frog Spawn
Green tentacles with white tips
GrantmanChesapeake, Virginia09-27-08$1.00
green with pink tips
jjc0987Benicia, California02-01-08$50.00
Frogspawn Fluorescent Green/Pink
The frogspawn in my tank is getting a little large so I'm breaking off some branches to sell.
jpletcher76Mankato, Minnesota10-23-07$5.00
Green Frogspawn
Thanks for checking out this item! This is a beautiful Green Frogspawn Coral (Euphyllia paradivisa). It is larger than...
tna946Eustis, Florida08-05-07$25.00
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