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Browse Category: Macro Algae
Category: Macro Algae
Frags Posted: 16
  Frag Details Genus User Location Date
Caulerpa racemosa/peltata
This macro is very fast-growing and removes your excess nutrients as it grows!
Caulerpadonfishy76South of Houston, Texas07-28-06
Caulerpa prolifera
This macro removes nutrients and grows very fast!
Caulerpadonfishy76South of Houston, Texas07-28-06
Grape Caulerpa
This is the stuff that grows super fast and gets everywhere if you don't control it. Tangs love to eat it, and it works...
Caulerpadonfishy76South of Houston, Texas01-08-07
Chaeto is used to reduce nitrates and phosphates. It is an excellent algae. It does not go sexual like caulerpa.
ChaetomorphaREEFMASTERScott Depot, West Virginia10-01-08
1 Sanwhich bag full
ChaetomorphalareefsLos Angeles, California01-01-07
String of Pearls Frag
Price is for one stalk. I also have full plants.
OtherlareefsLos Angeles, California12-31-06
Red Branching Macro Frag
2-3 inch unkown branching frag
CaulerpalareefsLos Angeles, California12-29-06
5 Inch Stalk.
OtherlocomacrosMpk, Alabama05-10-06
Red Gracilaria (Tang Heaven™)
Red Macro that resembles tumbleweed. A nutritious treat for Tangs also. Very limited supply. Pls email for availability....
Graciliariamarineflorasacramento, California05-05-06
Green Gracilaria (Tang Heaven™)
Lucious Forest Green Macro. Tangs go wild for this treat. Growth resembles tumbleweed. a must have for algae collectors....
Graciliariamarineflorasacramento, California05-05-06
This Macro Algae is the most popular for nutrient export among marine aquarists. It is commonly referred to as Spaghetti...
Chaetomorphamarineflorasacramento, California05-04-06
String of Pearls
long red bubbles. addition of this algae makes any tank worth a million bucks!

botryocladia, red macro algae, red alg...
Othermarineflorasacramento, California04-18-06
STUNNING!! Rose Petal Macro
Unbelievable Red Macro Algae. pictures speak for itself. when it grows out into a nice bush it resembles a open rose. ve...
Othermarineflorasacramento, California04-18-06
Red Grape Kelp
Gorgeous red algae! resembles grape vines. a must have if you want to boost tank aesthetics while keeping nutrients low....
Othermarineflorasacramento, California04-18-06
Micro starfish and Prolifera
I am selling some really awesome reef creatures. These are micro brittle starfish. These starfish get to about the size ...
CaulerpaInlandaquaVienna, Ohio01-16-06
Live Sand
Seeding bags of 5 yr. old sand with microfauna
HydnophoracnationsFlagstaff, Arizona09-03-05
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