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Grape Caulerpa
Grape Caulerpa
This is the stuff that grows super fast and gets everywhere if you don't control it. Tangs love to eat it, and it works great in refugiums too!
Frag ID: 407-167
Date Posted: 01-08-07
Quantity Avail: 5
Category: Macro Algae
Genus: Caulerpa
Species:Caulerpa peltata var.
Source: Aquaculture
Frag Color: dark green
Frag Size: sandwhich baggie full
Will Ship To: USA - All
Shipping Cost:$5.00
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Username: donfishy76
Location: South of Houston, Texas USA
Entity: Individual
Registered: 07-26-06
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Payment Methods: PayPal
Money Order
Looking For: ------
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