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View All Frags By: blue32
Username: blue32
Location: S. Amherst, Ohio USA
Frags Posted: 6
User Rating: No Rating Yet
  Frag Details Category Genus Date Price
Monster Green Toadstool
Metalic Green skin long polyp toadstool.
Soft CoralsSarcophyton12-03-08$25.00
Metalic Red Mushroom
Bright Metalic Red
Mushrooms & RicordeaDiscosoma12-03-08$10.00
Ribbon Pavona
Bright Green Ribbon Pavona
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyPavona12-03-08$20.00
Orange Velvet Monti
Light green skin with Neon Orange polyps
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyMontipora12-03-08$25.00
Super NEON GREEN finger leather
Super NEON GREEN finger leather a must have coral
Soft CoralsSinularia12-03-08$20.00
Green -N- Orange Millepora
Thick branch, green hair and green -N- orange skin
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyMillepora12-03-08$20.00
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