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Default Propagation VS. Transfering

Hey guys,
I know ive been a stranger lately but its all of you guys' (and gals') fault. I learned way too much and havent needed quick mega-good advise lol. I strolled by today because ive got some pretty healthy ricordea and he wont "multiply" like ive been waiting for. So, i am going to force the issue. I looked at the front page of the site and it says "ricordea propagation". So i went. Well, i kinda realized (because of my dilemma) that the page doesnt really explain "propagation" but rather "transferring". Just thought maybe there should be a minor correction. I was disappointed to not get some info on slicin' it up lol.

Thanks for everything guys,
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The propagation of most any Corallimorpharians (mushrooms/ricordea) is pretty much the same process. When you cut a polyp off of a rock usually the foot is still attached to the rock. From this foot the ricordea will grow a new polyp. To slice your ricordea just think pizza and try to get some of the mouth in each slice. The more slices that you make the longer it will take to regrow.

Here are some links -

Hope this helps!

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