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Default What kind of fish do you keep? What do you feed them and how often?

What kind of fish do you keep? What do you feed them and how often?

The fish I currently keep in my 75 gallon tank are as follows -
1 - Dusky Jawfish
1 - Bicolor Blenny
1 - Yellow Tang
1 - Flame Angel

In an effort to reduce the amount of nutrients that are being input into the tank I have cut back to feeding to only twice a week. I used to feed daily. Since cutting back I have not observed any adverse effects. I target feed the jawfish chuncks of frozen brine shrimp with a turkey baster and the flame angel quickly devours anything the jawfish missed. I also feed small amounts of nori to the tang. I used to feed cyclopseeze but I felt that not enough was being eaten by the fish and corals and too much was left floating around the tank, so I have stopped feeding it.

What does your feeding regimen consist of and how often do you feed?

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Default Feeding Fish

Well I have a 20g via aqua with two clowns and Spotted Cardinal/ pajama cardinal. - Sphaeramia nematoptera. Before the clowns I feed the cardinal once a month or so. I kept a close eye on him and he just kept getting bigger eating all my pods at night. Clowns are more meat eaters so now I feed everyone brineshrimp a little everyday. My brain and host blanket eat more then anything in the tank!
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I have two tanks, my 49 is Seahorse, H. Reidi (4) and two bar gobies and a coral banded shrimp. I feed them frozen Mysis (prefer PE vs. Hikari) at least once a day.

My 125 reef is fed usually once a day, I may miss a day once in a while or just to cut back on bioload. I feed frozen PE Mysis one day, formula 2 pellets the next and then home made fish food the 3rd. I will also put in sheets of Julian Sprung's Nori or just reguar nori for the Tangs.

I have
1 flame angel
1 bi color blennie
1 naso tang
1 yellow tang
1 sailfin tang
1 pink spot gobie
2 yellow corris wrasses
2 green chromis
1 purple dottyback
1 CB shrim
1 cleaner shripm
2 emerald crabs
1 squamossa clam
lots of nasarius
lots of hermits
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