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ibgtbone 05-01-2007 08:36 AM

1st Propagation a success
My first propagation was preformed on Sunday. After reading several post on this site, I felt I was ready to conduct the surgery.

The coral is a soft colt coral which is very healthy and needed to be pruned.
The tools were:

2- small pieces of cured live rock
1- tray for tranfer and propagation
1- pair of household scissors (sharp)
1- tube of Super Glue Gel
6- QTips
2- Paper Towels

After brushing against the Colt coral with my hand and all polyps in, I chose a branch and made the cut, (ouch the great unknown). Moving the cutting to the tray the cutting is now shrinking in my hand and getting slimy, hmm is this normal I am thinking?:confused:

I had chosen the location on the rock in advance and had dried it off already so now I began to dry the cutting off at the actual cut with paper towel and then QTip. Now the Super Glue gel is applied to both rock and cutting, heavier on the rock and placement of the coral to the rock.

It was difficult to keep the cutting from slipping around while placing on the rock, the second cutting was much easier. Held in place for 30 seconds and then placed in the chosen location in the tank.:)

After a few minutes I was wondering what damage have I caused here, the mother coral was not happy and the props were looking pretty unhappy too. I guess if my arms were cut off I would be a little tee'd off also.

The next day I arrive at the office and there it is, 3 colt corals where there was just one...

So why was I so concerned here I thought? Piece of cake I now feel as though I am a seasoned veteran, not! It was fun but I have my tank going so well I was afraid i would turn it for the worse>>

Thanks for all the post, they gave me the confidence for the surgery.

FragOutpost 05-03-2007 06:05 AM

Keep us updated on your progress. You may also need to use some rubberbands to assist in keeping the coral in place until it can grasp a footing on the rock.

ibgtbone 05-03-2007 08:12 AM

Thanks, and yesterday upon my arrival 2 bare rocks:confused: You beat me to the punch. Today I will give another go with bands in place.

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