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Mushroom and Ridordea Coral Propagation Method
Difficulty Level -
Materials Needed
  • The mushroom or ricordea corals to be propagated
  • Scissors or comparable cutting tool
  • Small plastic container
  • Live Rock Rubble
  • Mesh from a bag of oranges
  • Rubberbands
The tools that I use to propagate mushroom corals include clean, sharp scissors, a small plastic container, a piece of the mesh bag that oranges are commonly packaged in, rubberbands, the mushrooms or ricordea polyps to be propagated, and some live rock rubble or shells. Various materials will work in place of the mesh including bridal veil and garden netting found at the hardware store.
First start by cutting the head of the mushroom from the stalk which will detach it from the live rock. The stalk left on the rock will grow back and form a new head. Then take your scissors and cut the mushroom down the center making sure to cut through the mouth. You can cut the mushroom into halves or quaters but I do not suggest that you cut it into more than four pieces. Try to get an equal part of the mushroom's mouth in each piece.
I cut these mushrooms in half.
Fill your plastic container with your live rock rubble or shells and try to form an even layer covering up as much of the bottom of the container as possible. Place the mushroom pieces that you just cut into the container. Next cut your mesh to size so that it overlaps the container by a few inches on each side. Use a few rubberbands to secure the mesh across the top of the plastic container.
Slowly place the plastic container back into your tank trying not to let the water rush in too quickly and disturb the mushroom pieces. It will take around one to two weeks for the mushrooms to heal and regrow a round head and another week after that to attach to the live rock rubble. Regularly added iodide supplements are beneficial to the mushrooms and will help the mushrooms grow larger heads.
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