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Caulastrea (Candy Cane) Coral Propagation Method
Difficulty Level -
Materials Needed
  • The specimen to be propagated
  • Bone cutters or comparable cutting tool(optional)
  • Epoxy (optional)
This demonstration will show you how to propagate caulastrea (common name Candy Cane Coral). Caulastrea is an LPS coral that is very easy to frag. The first step is to remove the coral from your reef aquarium, as shown in the photo on the right.
Step 2 is to actually make the cut. You can use your hands to break off a piece, but I prefer to use a set of bone cutters for this job for improved accuracy. If you don't happen to have any bone cutters on hand then a trip to the tool department of your local Home Depot or Lowes should provide you with plenty of options for tools to complete this job. Ensure that you make your cut as far below the fleshy part of the coral as possible. You should find that the calcareous skeleton is relatively easy to cut through.
Now you have your frag. Since my Candy Cane Coral was not that big to begin with, I only cut a small frag for demonstration purposes. You will probably want to include multiple heads in the frag that you cut. At this point you could optionally epoxy the frag to the rockwork in your tank.
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