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Bridal Veil Method for Propagating Zoanthids or Mushrooms
Author - ClarkiiClown
Difficulty Level -
Materials Needed
  • A clean shotglass or small glass of proper size
  • Little pieces of rock or rubble
  • Some bridal veil
  • A rubber band
  • The frag
Fill the glass about 1/2 with tank water
Add pieces of rock to cover the bottom

Add your frag and try to get them to land face up on a rock. This is not as easy as it sounds.

If the frag has been in your tank for awhile I suggest going with the veil. If it is new to your tank or under stress no veil.

The veil really cuts the circulation and if your shroom is oozing it wont take long to kill it.

When putting the frag back in the tank sink it VERY VERY slowly. That way you minimize any flood of water into the glass.

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