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Acropora SPS Coral Propagation Method
Difficulty Level -
Materials Needed
  • The coral to be propagated
  • Bone cutters or comparable cutting tool(optional)
  • Gel Super Glue
  • Live Rock Rubble
Acropora as well as most all other SPS corals are very easy to propagate. It is as simple as breaking off a branch and attaching it to another piece of rock or rubble with some super glue gel. I use Ross brand super glue gel because it is cheap and readily available but just about any cyanoacrylate based gel super glue will work. Make sure you buy "gel" type super glue. If it doesn't say "gel" on the package it will probably have a very thin consistency and not stick to the frag after you cut it. Here is the acropora coral that I will be fragging.
The tools and materials required for propagating SPS corals include: some pieces of live rock rubble, super glue gel (the thicker the better), and a pair of bone cutters. The bone cutters are optional. A trip to the tool department of your local hardware store should yield a variety of tools suitable for the job.
Using your cutting tool of choice, pick up the coral and select a branch to cut. You could just as easily use your hands to snap off a branch, but I find that using a tool leaves for a more precise cut. For the more fragile SPS corals you don't really even need to cut through the branch, instead you may find it easier to hold the branch tight with the cutters and twist or snap the branch off to remove it.
Now that your frag has been cut, apply a generous amount of super glue to the cut part of the frag and to the rubble where you plan to place the frag. Stick the frag to the rubble and hold for about 30 seconds or until the glue has begun to set. Give the glue a few minutes before placing back in your reef aquarium.
Here is the acropora frag glued to the live rock rubble.
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